''Senior Management Team''

A K M Maksud, Executive Director
A K M Maksud is the Founder and Executive Director of Grambangla Unnayan Committee. He has been performing this role since 1997. He was awarded ASHOKA Fellowship in 2006 from the ASHOKA Innovators for the Public, the USA for his innovating designing and implementation of an inclusive education program for the nomadic Bede community through mobile boat schools. A K M Maksud is a Member of National NGO Coordination Committee for Birth Registration of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh. Maksud was the Member of Technical Committee of the National AIDS Committee and Secretary General of the STI/AIDS Network of Bangladesh.He is the lead/co-author of two books and 9 research articles in reputed journals. During his professional experience, he produced 48 research reports. A K M Maksud obtained his Master of Social Science (MSS) and Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the University of Dhaka.

Khandaker Reaz, Director, Programs
KhandakerReaz Hossain is working as Director, Programs with Grambangla Unnayan Committee since 2016. The major areas of his responsibilities are to monitor the ongoing program activities, organizational development, organizing training programs and publishing reports.
After completing Post-graduation in Economics from University of Dhaka in 1983, Mr. Hossain started his career as a development practitioner and engaged himself with various national and international organizations such as, Grameen Trust (a sister concern of Grameen Bank), Research Initiatives, Bangladesh, John Snow Inc., Resource Integration Centre and Action for Social Development.Mr. Hossain has a lot of professional experiences on research and GO-NGO participatory development programs for three decades. He is an Alumni of International Human Rights Training Programme of Equities, Canada and Secretary (Capacity Development) of Sustainable Development Network of Bangladesh.

Md. Abul Bashar Khan Reza,Deputy Director (Admin & Finance)
Md. Abul Bashar Khan Reza has been working as the Deputy Director, (Admin & Finance) in GUC since 2012. He has experience of working for non-profit sector project management and research in social development for more than 5 years.Md. Abul Bashar Khan Reza obtained his Bachelor of Law (LLB) from Green University of Bangladesh, Bachelor of Social Science (BSS) and Master of Arts (Islamic History)degree from the National University, Bangladesh.In addition to the university degrees she also received professional training in child protection, facilitation, documentation, communication, advocacy, self-help group development, drop-in-centre operation for the Injecting Drug User for prevention of HIV and AIDS, education program management etc.

Sayma Sayed, Assistant Director,( Monitoring, Learning, Evaluation and Research)

Sayma Sayed has been working in Grambangla as the Assistant Director, Monitoring, Learning, Evaluation, and Research at GUC since 2015. Her major responsibilities are to lead the implementation of the projects monitoring framework in a participative way; assure that all contractual obligations, visit all activities regularly to support and monitor the project progress; maintaining regular communication with all partners and other staff; compile required reports on progress and encourage all staff members and partners to report frankly on fieldwork, achievement, challenges, and possible solutions plus lessons learned.
She has been working a professional researcher and social development activist for more than four years.Sayma Sayed obtained her Master of Social Science and Bachelor of Social Science degrees in Economics from the University of Dhaka.In addition to the university degrees, she also received professional training in office management, child protection, facilitation, documentation, communication, advocacy, self-help group development, quantitative research, urban health &governance, education program management, climate change etc.

Md. Akkas Ali, Manager (Finance & Accounts)
Md. Akkas Ali joined Grambangla in 2015 as the Accounts Officer. His major responsibility is to manage organizational finance and its related activities properly. Md. Akkas Ali completed Masters of Business Administration in Finance and Banking from Islamic University, Kushtia in 2013. He has the experience to handle accounts compliance issues and to assist or support the internal & external Audits.